Frequently Asked Questions about Property Inspection

When inspecting a property for a customer, you may spend a lot of time on a tiny problem. Have you ever had an idea, hoping to see through the whole room at a glance and be aware of all the problems in an instant? In fact, the use of "Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology" can largely make up for the shortcomings of the current home inspection methods, turning some problems that are difficult to detect with the naked eye from "invisible" to "visible," greatly improving the effectiveness of the home inspection. Find out the hidden dangers of the house as soon as possible, and provide customers with better services.

Detectable Problems

  • Damp

If water seepage/leakage occurs, the walls/ceilings and other housing surfaces have temperature deviations due to water. At this time, you can use infrared thermal cameras to find the problem, reflecting the wall's instantaneous temperature. Usually, when the temperature is low, the possibility of water accumulation will also be higher.

  • Gas Leakage

The gas leakage location must be the place with the greatest temperature difference; as long as they are photographed with an infrared thermal camera, they will be invisible.

  • Blocked Pipes

As long as the temperature of the water pipes is inconsistent, the location of the pipe blockage can be determined.

  • Circuit/Power/Socket

The temperature in the place where there is electricity will rise. If it is the same as the room temperature, there may be a problem with the line.


Intelligent Design Technology Limited has launched an industrial thermal camera specially designed for home inspectors. The thermal camera is easy to use, and the measurement data is accurate, which greatly improves work efficiency and facilitates finding problems.

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