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Silent Hypoxia Delays Consultation

Some patients with coronavirus disease have decreased blood oxygen levels without asthma symptoms, leading to delays in seeking medical attention.

Self-monitoring Helps Early Detection of Consultation

Regular monitoring of health indicators can help detect abnormalities early and seek medical advice before the disease worsens, reducing the risk of complications.

How to use Health Max to record health data?

Method One: Automatically add new records when taking photos

1. Take a picture of the oximeter with a mobile phone

2. The program automatically reads the measured value

Method 2: Manually add records

11. Enter heart rate and blood oxygen level

2. Enter the measurement date and time



Health Data at a Glance

  • Systematic Recording of Health Data
  • Effectively Manage Physical Condition



Take Control of your Health

  • Automatic Calculation of Data Average
  • Track your Physical Condition At Any Time


Easily Manage Multi-person Data

  • Switch Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Understand the Health Status of Family Members/Residents Easily


Take Records With you, Make Medical Consultation More at Ease

  • Convenient to Carry Records for Consultation
  • Help Early Diagnosis, Reduce the Chance of Complications


Data Input, Speedy and Accurate

  • Relieve the Workload of Nursing Staff
  • Reduce Manual Input Errors


Health Max On Hand, Healthy Together

  • Encourage Self-health Management
  • Establish a Healthy Lifestyle

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