Portable Non-contact Thermometer

Light Weight

Speedy & Accurate

Forehead temperature is measured and converted as oral temperature. Provides better accuracy than armpit measurement. The screen turns red when measured temperature is higher than 38℃.



31 mm X 86 mm X 26 mm


Approx. 40 g (Battery excluded)

Measurement mode

Body Temperature, Object Surface Temperature

Body Temperature Measurement Range

32.0℃ to 43.0℃

Body Temperature Measurement Accuracy

36.0°C to 39.0°C: ± 0.2°C

39.0°C: ± 0.3°C

Object Surface Temperature Measurement Range

0.0°C to 100.0°C

Object Surface Temperature Measurement Accuracy


Display Resolution


Operating Temperature and Humidity

10.0 to 40.0°C; 15 to 90%

Storage Temperature and Humidity

-10.0 to 50.0°C; 15 to 90%

Power Supply

AAA Battery X 1

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