Thermal Sensing

Thermal sensing technology has integrated with machine learning and utilized image processing. While heat sources are emitting infrared radiation over time, the optical infrared system will capture the outside environment into thermal images through a sensor array. Compared the measured temperature with heat source and apply algorithms are able to achieve measurement error with half-degree Celsius. Broad application applied from human body temperature monitoring to rodents animal control, from building inspection and maintenance to search and rescue purposes.

Application scenario:
  • Thermal imaging, sensing
  • Temperature checking, tracking
  • Home inspection, Industrial inspection, Troubleshooting, Maintenance

Cloud Computing

Utilizing cloud computation, computing resources including servers, networking, storage, database, analytics, and software are delivered to the subscribers. Information is able to reap based on subscribers need and allow real-time remote the database and retrieval on demand. Thereby reduced the resources for hardware maintenance and local data storage. Through our private services and the hosted network, specific clients are able to conduct data analytics and use the infrastructure as a cloud service. Real-time data analyses are applied to health data, foot traffic, system usage, etc.

Application scenario:
  • Data analytics: Health data, Foot traffic, System usage
  • Real-time remote monitoring and management

Machine Learning

Leveraging the power of machine learning, efficient data analysis is conducted under the application. Algorithms are uniquely specified for each application purpose. With an abundant amount of data feed into the supervised machine learning process, iterative prediction undergoes and refine the accuracy of the results. Application such as virtual personal assistant, image recognition, and speech recognition are involved with the process of building datasets and identifying the data patterns. Under model training and refinement, results are evaluated and optimized the performance.

Application scenario:
  • Image analysis: Face, Gesture, Emotion detection
  • Identify patterns: Generate insights from big data