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    熱成像熱像儀Thermal Plus Pro

    Infrared Thermal Sensing


    管理系統 RFID Management System

    RFID Solutions

    Companion Robot

    Minibo & Fitbo

    Mobile App

    Health Max App

    Health Max

    Machine Learning

    By designing and analyzing some algorithms that allow the machine to perform "self-learning," the machine can make predictions on unknown data based on the laws obtained in data analysis, allowing the machine to learn like a "human." A large amount of data can increase the sensitivity of artificial intelligence. As the data processed and learned increases, the accuracy of its prediction will be higher. Intelligent Design Technology Limited has used cloud computing technology to launch smart health companion robots to assist in the daily work of homes.

    Cloud Computing

    Establish a cloud computing infrastructure, lease hardware resources to customers, and provide users with a safe use environment, good computing performance, storage performance, and network environment.


    Thermal Sensing

    Artificial intelligence recognition technology is used to automatically lock the face, detect the forehead temperature, realize the multi-person dynamic measurement function, effectively reduce the labor burden, and strengthen the fineness and accuracy of recognition. Intelligent Design Technology Limited has used thermal sensing in developing infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras.


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