Thermal Gun

Suitable for automatic temperature detection of multiple people at the same time

Automatic High Temperature Alert

Body Temperature Tracking

Thermal Image Capture

Range inspection

Range detection to ensure smooth passage

Automatic fever alert

Users can set fever alarm temperature. Alarm will be triggered when detected temperature exceeds alarm temperature

Body Temperature Filter

Automatically track the body temperature of the target and detect those with fever

Screen projection

Screen projection to any monitor

Fever image capture

Image will be captured and stored when fever is detected



58mm x 66mm x 218mm

Thermal Array Specification

Resolution of Thermal Image

32 x 32 (1,024) Pixels

Resolution of Visual Image

0.2 Mega Pixels

Field of View

50cm x 50cm @1m

Continuous Operation Time

Up To 6 Hours When Fully Charged

Temperature Measurement

Measurement Range for Human Body

32°C ~ 42°C

Measurement Range for Object Surface

-30°C ~ 1000°C

Accuracy for Human Body

±0.4°C [Forehead mode : 30~50cm];[Tracking mode : 50~80cm]

Accuracy for Object Surface

±2% or 2°C

Suggested Measurement Distance


Product Specification


6cm x 4.5cm Color LCD Display

Touch Screen

Resistive Type

Internal Memory

1GB (Around 15,000 photos)

External Memory

Max 64 GB (Micro SD Socket)

USB Connection

For battery charging and photo/video files transfer to PC

Operating temperature

-10°C ~ 50°C, with 95% relative humidity

Storage & transport conditions

-20°C ~ 60°C with 95% relative humidity

Image / Video Format



Two types of measurement modes:

  1. Human body measurement mode: Measure the human body temperature from a longer distance with the effective range, and has a tracking mode to chase for the highest temperature.
  2. Object surface temperature measurement mode: Detect the temperature changes and perform accurate temperature measurement on the target surface. Suitable for operating in a variety of working environments, such as electricity, mechanical, pipelines and data center equipment.

Ergonomic design which is comfortably handheld for a long period of time.

Can by fixed on tripod for continuous temperature monitoring.


3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery, 3200mAh, Battery model: 18650


With a fully charged battery, it can be used for about 6 hours.

Yes, the warranty is one year. Non-human damage can be repaired free of charge during the maintenance period.

Yes, this product comes with a tripod, which can be adjusted in height, suitable for people of different heights.

This product can track the highest temperature in the screen.

The stability of outdoor use is poor, our company does not recommend outdoor use.

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